I have been a professional artist for over 30 years, and a proud member of the Chicago Brushmasters, Automotive Artist for Charity.


Magnus Charitable Trust

I am a performance artist and my company is called Artbeat Live. Artbeat Live is all about helping those in need through the power of art with the power of giving back. To date my artwork has helped raise over $3.5 million dollars for various charities across the world. In the past I created one of the hearts that was on display along Michigan Ave.



Chicago Police Sergeants' Association
Ark Animal Hospital

Othello Anderson is a prominent Chicago-based artist who received his BFA and MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  His academic training also included four years of course work at the University of Chicago.
Mr. Anderson also completed one year of post graduate studies in 20th Century Art Theory and Criticism at SAIC.Over a period of 25 years he held full-time faculty positions as Associate Professor in the Department of Art and Architecture at both the University of Illinois and the School of the Art Institute of  Chicago.In addition to his endeavors as a working artist and educator, Mr. Anderson was a founding member and president of N.A.M.E. Gallery –
Chicago’s first alternative gallery to show works by artists  from around the world.
As a veteran artist who has  delved into a wide variety of subject matter from earthly environmental issues to deep space phenomena, Othello Anderson has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally.
For the past ten years Othello Anderson has also been a senior partner of Grace Moore Associates, Inc. – Chicago’s premiere corporate concert production company.



Chicago Grooming Academy
Hotel EMC2
Lodge Management

Ken has taught art in the Chicago Public Schools and continues to teach painting at all skill levels in Chicago.
Ken has exhibited at New York Art Expo and Galerie Hamptons in West Hampton Beach, Long Island. He has had a number of solo shows and exhibited in group shows in Chicago and Door County, Wisconsin.
Public art installations include "Cool Globes" and "The Great Chicago Fire Hydrants" in Chicago, "Eggstravaganza" in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, and "Benches by the Bay 2016" in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.
His art has been published in "Chicago Art Scene" (2000) and "A Published Gallery"(2009), art books featuring international artists.
Ken is the author of "Show Off Your Art" and a contributing author to "Arts & Activities" magazine, "School Arts" magazine, and "Best Classroom Practices: What Award-Winning Elementary Teachers Do".
Ken is a featured artist at SantaFeArt




The Sheraton Grand

Maggie Butler is an Alumni of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has lived in Chicago her whole life. And is excited to be able to honor fallen officers and K9 partners with her artwork.



Sergio Farfán is a Peruvian artist based in Chicago. The meaning behind his art is to creatively motivate and inspire the dreamer in all of us, the kid who comes from nothing, the teen who sees the train as a canvas, and the soul who will always stay young at heart. He views art as a method of communication, therapy, and self-expression.
He finds inspiration in the works of Piet Mondrian, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, KAWS, Shepard Fairey, and Banksy. Sergio is also motivated by the beauty in urban environments. He strongly believes that graffiti is a form of art, and his passion is to influence people to view graffiti in the same light. 
Sergio typically works in acrylic on wood panels and canvases. He signs every piece with a question mark. The question mark represents his motto: “Life is a Mystery.” We cannot determine what will happen in this life, and this mystery makes everyone's tale noteworthy.



Federal Signal

Rachel Slotnick received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2010, and she is a full-time professor at Malcolm X College and adjunct faculty at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is a commissioned muralist for Chicago’s 35th, 39th, 46th and 47th wards, and recently collaborated with the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation to create two Horses of Honor, one of which was permanently placed in the 25th Ward Alderman’s office. Her work has appeared in Mad Hat, Thrice Fiction, Driftwood Press, After Hours, Rain Taxi, Newfound, and The Brooklyn Rail among others. Slotnick won Rhino Poetry’s Founder’s Prize and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2015. She is the author of “In Lieu of Flowers,” available through Tortoise Books.



Born in the Lakeview neighbor hood in the early eighties, with a degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, emphasis on natural illustration and printmaking.  Now working as an artist and instructor, independently as well as with several non-for profit organization and communities to help expand the arts programs in the city.  Past projects have involved CPS students paired with community members to create murals in their neighborhoods.  
As an artist I compose images that are intended to allow viewers the opportunity to become a storyteller to each piece.  With the objective to ignite your interest in the material, most work offers subjective and direct imagery.
Often referencing and inspired by patterns and oddities in the natural world, plants, animals, terra-formation, agriculture, magnetic fields, personal memories, symbiotic relationships, unbalanced relationships, topographical maps, apps, microscopic imagery, digital imagery, fiction, non-fiction, friction, fishing, deep sea exploration, space exploration, dark matter and blank spaces.




Jaime Foster is a self taught painter and photographer, currently living just outside of Chicago. Her work has been shown in galleries throughout the Pacific Northwest, the midwest and Italy. Her photographs and paintings are displayed in private collections, as well as public, such as the Batavia Fine Arts Center, Fresh Paint Magazine and Nue Magazine.


A Marek Fine Jewelry

Sandie Bacon is a classically trained, vesatile artist whose artwork is shown nationally.
She has an MFA from Maryland Institute Graduate School of Painting. Recent exhibitions include:33 Collective, 4 Art, Dandeluon Gallery, Reinvent Gallery (all in the Chicagoland area), Projects Gallery (Miami, Florida), Artprize (Michigan) Sandra has done many fiberglass sculptures inclyding: Horses of Honor (Chicago), 4 ""Cool globes "" which have travelled throughout Europe, ""Pandamania"" in Washington DC and in front of the National Air and Space Musuen , for the zoo on Madison, and many more. . . I love the way public art honors its inspiration as well as engage the community



Pedro Igrez is a self-taught artist who has been creating artwork since his youth. He devoted time between his work schedule to come back to his true passion of painting, drawing and sculpting. To realize his dream of a dedicated life of fine art, he committed himself to creating artwork full-time in 2010. Igrez was born in Mexico under the name Pedro Gutierrez, and has been living in the U.S. since 2000. The artist has adopted the last name Igrez to distinguish his identity.



Susan Clausen

Depaul University
Hilton Chicago

Susan is originally from Kansas City, MO, which is where her passion for art was originally nurtured. She studied art and art history at Creighton University and earned her B.F.A. with a focus in painting. Susan moved to Chicago in 2010 and has proudly called it home ever since.
Her work can be found in businesses throughout Chicago. Some of her favorite projects include painting life-sized horses for the Horses of Honor program, painting a giant golf ball for the Ryder Cup Tournament, and the Painted Ladies installation at ACME Hotel Chicago. 
Susan is currently working on a series of collages, exploring the variations of Koi fish. The hand torn pieces of paper create a unique texture while the magazine scraps add the element of surprise due to the hidden text and imagery that can often be found up close.


Kate Tully

Kate Tully, has worked as a muralist and painter for close to 30 years. Her business is still operating in the Chicagoland area and can be viewed at Many of the murals can be found in public venues throughout the Chicago area, as well as the greater United States. Much of her non-commission art is large in scale and portrays an exuberance, though shape and color. Often with a touch of whimsey.



At an early age, Mr. Chris Campagna knew how to draw and paint.  Being in the hospital for most of his early childhood, painting, reading and drawing were a few of the things that he could do. Chris Campagna sold his 1st painting at the age of 5 to a doctor of his Opened Heart Surgery team; and than another and another. Chris Campagna sold numerous paintings before he was 7 years old. At the age of 8, Mr. Campagna’s father died, (Frank Campagna I) leaving him and three other brothers to be raised by a single mother (Recently passed away Virginia). He discontinued to draw and paint at that time.

At the age of 10 he suffered another traumatic blow when he was burnt over 90% of his body. It took him over 2 years and several operations to relearn how to use his arms. Mr. Campagna’s heart stopped twice that day. Chicago – based Artist, Chris Campagna (Designer, Fine Artist, Muralist, Painter, Sculptor ) took up painting again at the young age of 25, realizing his purpose in life; to create, to BECOME “CAMPAGNA” the Artist.

Mr. Campagna is quoted: “I am an artist. Between here and there I have flat-lined on a hospital table 3 times for over 23 minutes. That has morphed me to what I have become today. I have always been an artist. When I pass, my task will be to create the sunrise and the sunset for the big guy upstairs. As an artist for many years; I have found that I have intertwined my personal destiny into the destiny of mankind and evoked in us all of those beneficent forces that ever and anon have enabled humanity to find refuge from peril and to out live the longest night. I try to instill HOPE in the hearts of men…. Through perseverance and hard work I drive my force into the moment and encapsulate art that a 3 year old as well as a 93 year old can comprehend. I believe that The Common goal for mankind is the Common good for mankind and I wield my paintbrush as my sword. My battle cry is “Onward and Upwards”. Mr. Campagna currently resides and has a studio in Historic Pullman with his lovely wife and son; He wife has another boy on the way due in September. He is creating not only visually, but presently also writing a series of books and for the most part spending time with his family.

SCULPTURES:  CoolGlobes – (Chicago), 5 sculptures for Pigs on Parade – (Seattle), 3 Sculptures for the Miami Grand Opera House – (Miami), 2 Sculptures for the Return of the Pigs on Parade – (Seattle),
4 sculptures for The Great Chicago Fire Hydrants –  (Chicago) 2 of the sculptures are permanent at Michigan Ave. and Chicago more not listed.

MURALS AND DESIGN: The underwater murals at the Navy Pier McDonalds, the giant mushrooms at the Rainforest Cafe – Chicago, The Macy’s – Marshall Field’s State Street Christmas Horns, Countless murals and exhibits at the Museum of Science and Industry, Murals and sculptures at the Miami Grand Opera House, Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Lincoln Park Zoo, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Murals at the Hard Rock Cafe – Las Vegas, The Royal George Theatre, The Jeremy Piven Theatre, the faux finishes at Quarttino’s on State street, Pompeii Bakeries, Leona’s, Prima La Pizza as well as Sweet Baby Ray’s in Wrigley.

CHARITIES: Mr. Campagna has donated and sat on the Board of Director for many charities, Non for Profits and 501s including: Inspiration Cafe, One Inspired Night, TPAN, Art Therapy Connection, Frontline’s Hooked on Art. He has also created 7 Pigs on Parade sculptures for Seattle’s Pike Place Market Foundation, the featured “Atlas” sculpture for Coolglobes where he was featured on the front page of the Chicago Tribune Thursday, May 3. 2007. His art has been in 4 books at this time.

Onward and Upwards.



Thom Cicchelli has devoted his life to artistic pursuits. He attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago and has been employed over twenty years as a creative artist. He has designed and worked in a wide variety of media, including outdoor installations, and, more recently, ceramics. His most recognized design, which was selected from over 6,000 entries, can be found on the reverse side of the United States Commemorative Quarter for the State of Illinois (2003), which is part of the United States Mint Fifty State Quarter Program. His other acclaimed or award-winning projects include submissions for “Suite Home Chicago,” an international exhibition of urban street furniture in Chicago (2001); “For the Birds,” an exhibition of birdhouses at the Clark House Museum and Chicago Women’s Park and Garden (2004); and “Benches on the Avenue,” an exhibition in Tinley Park, Illinois (2004). Cicchelli was also selected to participate in “Cool Globes,” an international exhibition on the Chicago lakefront during the summer of 2007 that highlighted solutions to the problem of global warming. Cicchelli’s two pieces for the Cool Globes exhibition continue to appear in similar exhibitions in cities throughout the world, including Boston in 2013. His work has been featured in numerous newspapers and television programs.


Matt Wojtun


Matt Wojtan is an artist from the South Side of Chicago.  He graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2012.  Matt gravitates towards observational drawing and painting.  He strives to capture a subject's emotional likeness.



As a small business owner and freelance visual artist, Tracee Badway is swiftly taking over Chicago's art scene. Though she specializes in oil paintings, her yearning to create has her dabbling in all mediums of fine art. Her work has dazzled the walls of hotels, restaurants, and businesses all over the Chicagoland area. Tracee's current artistic endeavor, beyond her commission-based business, is her Toilet Selfie Series. Each acrylic piece, towering at six-feet tall, is rendered from real selfie-photos she receives from friends and fans via social media. Tracee Badway's art studio is aptly located in the Fine Arts Building, a Chicago Historical Landmark, on Michigan Avenue.



Carol Luc, a resident of the city of Chicago, routinely exhibits her urban architecturally themed
paintings and prints extensively in the Midwest as well as nationally. She has been honored
with multiple juried awards, competitive artist’s residencies, two CAAP grants, and several solo
exhibitions. Her work is in several public collections including the David and Sarajean Ruttenberg
collection, Kishwaukee and Harper Colleges, and Illinois Institute of Art—Chicago, and has also
been published in Art Scene Chicago 2000, Northern Now, the Chicago Tribune and Cool Globes:
Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet, among others. She has an MFA in painting from Northern Illinois
University in DeKalb, and an MA in painting from Wayne State University in Detroit. Her career
has been teaching undergraduate courses in design, fundamentals and illustration in Chicago.


Kenny Klopack

Kenny has been trained in multiple disciplines of art growing up in the city of Chicago with the encouragement of his family.
His parents had formed their careers in the arts, with his father teaching Art and his mother, music at various Chicago Public schools while raising Kenny and his two sisters.
Kenny is capable of creating catchy graphic design as well as minimal to highly ornate illustration. Of recent years, his stance with promoting his artwork has been through mural work which can be seen around Chicago within schools, homes & exterior walls for businesses and personal projects. 


Emma is an illustrator, typographer, creative specialist, and mythical creature enthusiast.  



A Chicago south side native with roots in graffiti and contemporary urban art. More recently he has been taking new form with contemporary pop and surrealism with a street vibe. He has been an artist since his early youth, taking classes and later attended SIU’s fine arts program focusing on drawing and sculpture. He excelled after college as a local emerging artist, experimenting with various painting techniques on canvases. Brendan’s more recent work can be defined by his use of multiple mediums such as oil, acrylic, ink, spray paint, stencil and print, creating depth and contrast that is pronounced in his multi-layered pieces.
His inspiration comes from his grand uncle, Brother Joseph McNally, a renowned Irish artist and founder emeritus of LaSalle College of the Arts in Singapore. Under his tutelage he learned a variety of skills and techniques. He also assisting early on in the studio of his family owned art gallery.
Brendan’s work has expanded from the studio back onto the street in the last few years with design & custom work of large scale murals in both Miami Wynwood Art District, and Chicago. He has worked on custom designs for the Allium at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago, work featured in Macys spring fashion catalog and has been building quite the name for himself in the Midwest. Brendan has been sought after by a number of companies to add to their public and private collections. More recently doing custom clothing designs for DJ’s and music festivals, a number of live paintings for charity events as well as creating custom work for Red Bull and many other corporate clients.



Shayne Taylor is a Chicago-Based artist who specializes in traditional and digital illustration, design and murals. Shayne attended the college of creative studies in her home town of Detroit, Michigan and received her BFA in Illustration. Her paintings have been exhibited in Detroit, Chicago, Toledo, OH and Los Angeles. 



Maja Bosen is a Chicago based artist presently working in encaustics. In this highly tactile and malleable medium, Maja weaves wax, pigment and various materials – both manmade and organic – into distilled moments of reflection inviting a shared intimacy with nature and time’s passage. “Observing the interconnectivity of nature and humanity, I attempt to create an intimate space to reflect upon our shared cycles – the rise, fall, ebb, flow, evolution, fruition and ultimate demise. These quiet moments of grace are, for me, a celebration of this fragile life.”
Maja received her BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and has continued her creative and intellectual explorations at Parson’s School of Design, The New School for Social Research in NYC as well as at the San Francisco Art Institute. She has explored many artistic channels and chooses the process which most clearly resonates with the message at hand. Maja has exhibited and performed in Chicago, San Francisco and New York in both solo and with group exhibitions. Presently, Maja is proud to call the ZhouB Arts Center in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood, home.



Kara Cobb Johnson resides in Chicago, where The Department of Cultural Affairs + Special Events recognized her with an Individual Artists' Grant in 2015 to participate in The Center Program at The Hyde Park Art Center. She painted a chair that was signed by Nelson Mandela for charity many years ago and looks for causes where she can share her unique vision. Kara is honored to be a K9s for Cops artist in 2017, benefitting PAWS and the families of fallen officers in Chicago.


Chicago Brushmasters artist/contributor and full time police officer. I do mostly hand painted work, but can do limited airbrush work. Thanks in advance for your consideration.



Chicagoan Jenny Learner has been making art her entire life. Classically trained at the American Academy of Art and self-taught in interior, surface design & photography. For over 30 years this multi-faceted artist has been designing custom room dividers, screens, hand-painted wall coverings, fabrics, murals, & site-specific art for interior designers and architects. She exhibits, teaches, curates, and juries locally and nationally. She has her studio and gallery at the Zhou B Art Center in Bridgeport.
After an introduction to encaustic she fell in love with the ancient medium of fusing fire with beeswax and pure pigment. Encaustic became her elixir of life. Imagine painting and sculpting within the wonderful realm of flowers and honey. The medium’s luminosity, transparency, aromatherapy, alchemy, with the unexpected results constantly surprise her.She gains inspiration for her new work from earth’s multiple landscapes and wonders including raw gemstones, outer space, medicine, life, & dreams. Further curious and fascinated with evolution, anthropology, architecture and time, as an artist Jenny is grateful to be living in this digital age with resources at her fingertips. The photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand and the Hubble telescope’s imagery of the Universe endlessly muse her.



Marsha Dorfman Cairo, born and raised on the north side of Chicago, is thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, PAWS Chicago and K9s for Cops. As one of many local Chicagoland artists, she has witnessed the tremendous work done by our very own fallen and injured officers. By participating in this public art project to benefit families of fallen police officers and support no-kill shelters, Marsha hopes to bring awareness and support to the streets of Chicago the best way she knows how; through art.
Marsha has had the privilege  to participate in several public art programs designed to raise funds for wonderful causes. Painting pieces like fiberglass bears, dogs and giant roses, wooden chairs, chests and benches. She is an accomplished self taught photographer and artist who, after raising three successful daughters and their countless four-legged brothers and sisters has  spent her career bringing joy to her community through art and animals. Be it through portraits of individuals, families, and their pets, B.Y.O.B paint parties, or craft courses at a local coffee and art establishment, Marsha has already begun to build a safe place for creative exploration in the Chicago area.
Marsha believes there is an artist in each and every one of us and just like the heroes (and their K9s) who serve our communities, they deserve to be celebrated and remembered. Having the opportunity to design one of the German Shepard statues, Marsha will pay tribute to the officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty and the family members left behind.  To see some of Marsha’s work and hear from the communities she has worked with, visit her Facebook page at This That and Art.



Creative Direction, Design, Photographic Retouching Specialist, Corporate Identity, Infographics, Digital Design, Production, Studio Work, PowerPoint and Web template pages.
I have 25 years of experience for Freelance Opportunities or a possible Full-Time position. Dedicated to excellence.



Jacalin Oser is a Chicago based Graphic Designer. She attended Columbia College-Chicago and received her BFA in Adverting Design. Then went on to earn her Master Degree in Visual Communication from Miami International University of Art & Design. She has been a working graphic designer for over twenty-five years focused on freelance Design, abstract painting, and teaching visual communications at the university level. Jacalin have a diverse portfolio and a variety of clients. Experienced Art Director with an eye for detail. 



I've worked on projects in Naperville similar to the ones you have in Chicago.  My largest was a giraffe with Martin Avenue Pharmacy for the sponsor.  I've been organizing community open figure drawing workshops for 10 years, and have been at Benedictine University for 7 years.  My painting of the San Antonio Riverwalk took Best of Show in competition and another of the Naperville Riverwalk took Peoples Choice.  Thank you for contacting me and I look forward to participating in this great cause.



The Chicago Bears

Laura Junge is an experienced artist living and working in Chicago.  For the past 20 years she has traveled the country selling her paintings at numerous art fairs and galleries throughout the country.  Seven years ago her and her husband Chris Jackson opened The Jackson Junge Gallery in the heart of Wicker Park.  Laura's work is featured in the space and she also helps with all operations of the gallery.  



Tails in the City

I love art and my city!  I was born and raised in Chicago and have resided in many of the neighborhoods. I would appreciate the opportunity to work with the Neighborhood Arts Program at any level. 
I became interested in ART at a young age and began painting. I am self-taught to a degree, and tutored by an international artist who resides in Italy and Chicago.
I’ve travelled internationally to Paris over several years where I attended Fine Art Auctions and Markets.  I procured various forms of tapestries and related fragmental accessories, return to the states and market them domestically. This involvement, both commercial and residential design projects, solidified my deep interest in art, design, renovation and decorating.
The end result of my passion was my founding Creative DEEsigns, where I’ve manifested my creativity across a broad spectrum.
I have more than twelve years designing and creating applications for painting, wall murals and furnishings and furniture refinishing.  My immediate market is Chicago, with many projects spread across the entire country.
My commercial experiences are offices, recreational facilities, boutiques and salons. A unique and somewhat unusual project was a commercial bowling alley, which presented numerous challenges resulting in impressive accolades. 
Residential projects include diverse homes such as modern and contemporary loft spaces, to traditional and historically significant landmark houses.
I have consulted, and co-ventured with, many interior design firms and individual independent contractors. My design skills incorporate introductory color palettes, faux finishes, murals, abstracts, geometrics, stripe patterns, and other innovative techniques.



I embrace color and simple, bold images. I am a lover of people and animals of all kinds.   I paint their images using the colors that I see when I look at them, the colors they see in themselves. My goal is to stir the same feelings in the viewer as I feel when I paint my subjects.  
Community is a very important, and bringing people together, via art, makes the place in which we live Better.  Art is something we can all share.  Whether it is making art, teaching art or viewing art, it gives us an opportunity to experience beauty, emotion and expression. 
For these and so many more reasons, I paint.  I hope you enjoy my work.



Brittney Leeanne Williams, a current HATCH resident at Chicago Artist Coalition, is a studio artist who is originally from LA. She attended the School of the Art Institute Of Chicago from 2008-2009 and now works as a studio painter for Hebru Brantley. Her work has exhibited in Los Angeles, Chicago, Madison, WI, and Ann Arbor, MI. Most recently, Williams worked as an art assistant with Marc Bamuthi Joseph at the Museum of Contemporary Art for the touring performance, Peh-LO-tah. 



Motorola Solutions Foundation

A strong curiosity and deep interest in the human experience is what inspires my work. I strive to create the most telling portrait possible. It is my goal as an artist to reveal the nature, mood or beauty of each subject in the hopes that the viewer identifies with each piece personally on some level. 



Cody Phipps & Sarah Tyler-Phipps

After graduating from Columbia College Chicago, Alexandra Cantarella self published all ages graphic novel, "The Hasty Pastry" and dove into the exciting world of comic conventions around the country.  She has since illustrated multiple children's books, collaborated with dozens of Chicago creatives and companies, and donated her playful caricature skills to PAWSChicago and The Humane Society Calumet.  When she's not creating whimsical watercolor work, she can be found expressively painting with unique mediums such as wine and coffee in the bars, coffee shops, and loving homes of friends new or old around the world.   



Chicago born artist specializing in sculpture and assemblage art. I love the city and its people. 



Rine grew up in Buffalo New York, studied art at Reed College in Portland Oregon, and moved to Chicago in 2004 where she fell in love with the variety of characters and neighborhoods.  Upon discovering Bridgeport, a neighborhood that has been home to many of Chicago’s politicians as well as a growing arts community, she set up her studio in the Zhou B Arts Center in 2009. Rine participates in national and international shows, her most recent being solo exhibitions at Bluerider ART Gallery in Taipei City Taiwan and Union League Club of Chicago. Reviews of her work have been featured in the China Times, NOWNews, Newcity, and Gaper’s Block. Recognition of her work includes an honorable mention at the Rockford Midwestern exhibit held at the Rockford Art Museum.



We are a family of designers and illustrators who create environmental and graphic design solutions for museums, events and trade shows.
For the Horses of Honor, we were thrilled to work with a police family. At age ten Sumiko created the chosen design that we all enjoyed painting in our garage studio.
Our concepts have been chosen for the Adler Planetarium, Kohl’s Children Museum, and the Morton Arboretum Animal houses and Christmas Display.
We have worked with ComEd, Volkswagen, Caterpillar, International Truck and many others on various interactive experiences that have traveled the country.
Our approach to design is to interview our clients and infuse our solutions with their personality and style. By providing multiple solutions they can choose a direction and refine it.


I'm a signpainter, pinstriper & air brush artist with over 50 years of experience. I painted several golf balls for the Ronald McDonald House fund raiser.



Nancy Pochis Bank is a Chicago based muralist. She has created public art for Cool Globes, Great Chicago Fire Hydrants, Horses of Honor, and Chicago Looks.  Her mural clients include Southwest Airlines, Nike Retail Stores, Chicago Cultural Mile, Knoll Furniture, Bar Rescue, DMK Restaurants, Gateway Green and Highland Park High School.  Each summer, you can see Nancy’s pavement murals at festivals and events throughout the Chicago area. Nancy is a multi-year recipient of the Chicago Neighborhood Arts Program Grant. 


Irish American artist Lori Murphy, a dual national is a resident artist of the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago.  She has studied art and technology at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, sustainable building design at Harvard University and holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College in Vermont. Painter, photographer and designer of energy independent buildings, her work lies at the intersection between the fine arts and human geography.

Engaging with the interaction of the body with the natural and built environment, her work focuses on the human experience of the world from a sensory phenomenological perspective. Subjects involve migration, place and displacement, the search for home and happiness, cross cultural identity, the syncretic and change over time. She is currently funded by a grant to teach studio art to a young adult with autism. Recent work has been shown in Boston, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Chicago, London and Ireland.



The Flesch Family

Born and raised in the Chicago area Fred Moss was drawing and sketching the world around him from an early age. He grew up visiting the Chicago Art Institute, often admiring the outstanding impressionistic and classical painting collection. He attended the College for Creative Studies after receiving a partial school grant and earned a bachelor’s degree. After graduation he studied with renowned painter Romel De La Torre, who helped him convey on canvas his thoughts and feelings. He also studied at the Florence Academy of Art in his grandparents’ native country, Italy. There he found a subject matter that inspired him—the scenic towns and countrysides of Italy. Fred painted Florence, Lake Como, Venetian canals, and hiked the mountains of the Cinque Terre looking for scenic views to capture on canvas.

In 2007 he was accepted into the American Impressionist Society's Annual National Juried Exhibition for his painting of "Springtime Flowers" which was held at Hilligoss Galleries in Chicago. In 2008 he was accepted into the American Impressionist Society’s Annual Juried Exhibition for his painting of “Rose Garden” which was held at Coda Gallery in California. In 2008 he had a solo show at the North Charleston City Gallery. In 2011 he had a painting in ArtPrize, which is a global art competition held in Grand Rapids Michigan. In 2014 he was commissioned to paint a public art “horse of honor”. Each horse was dedicated to a Chicago police officer who was killed or injured in the line of duty. The exhibit featured life size statues of Chicago mounted patrol units that were each artistically designed by local Chicago artists. The exhibit benefited the Chicago memorial foundation. In 2014 he had a solo exhibition at the Harold Washington Chicago Library of “Impressions of Chicago Gardens”. He has exhibited in several galleries and shows which include the Hinsdale Center for the Arts, Beverly Art Center, Karen Solem’s Gallery, 7013 Studio, Hinsdale gallery, Arlington Heights Historical Museum, Elmhurst Artist Guild, Mainstreet Art Center, and Silhouettes Fifth Annual Exhibit. During 2004 and 2005 he participated at Art in the Barn, a juried art show. He has also painted Chicago and Italy cityscapes for limited edition prints which were signed, numbered, then distributed and sold in the Chicagoland area. Chicago city hall has one of his prints hanging there. In 2016 he was a finalist in the Art Muse contest for his painting “Gliding Gondola”.



Gordon Flesch Company
Hyatt Regency Chicago

Tony Passero is a mixed media artist and muralist, who not only paints on traditional canvas but also uses a wide variety of found objects (such as dumped doors, discarded windows, abandoned furniture, scrapped street signs, etc.) as the base for his works.

His work is often executed in series or set formats as he explores themes through repetition. The majority of his artwork is centered on a unique mash up of a Latin, Creole and Tribal tones blended with a bit of a linear organic cubist and expressionist styles. His work often has a textured quality as a result of building up of layers from the various mediums he uses (ink, oil, acrylic, custom dyes, etc.) and the various devices he uses to apply the mediums. With each new theme undertaking, Passero makes a point of exploring different and new painting techniques to aesthetically complete and compliment the theme of each project he engages.

From a mural perspective, Passero has conceived and painted his own murals at locations in Chicago such as the Whoot Mural on Belmont Avenue, the Manifest Mural at the Pulaski Blue Line exit, the CrossCuts Mural at the Addison Kennedy Expressway Exit, the Positive Babel Mural at the Irving Park Metra Station, the Jumbo Jet Mural along the Kennedy Expressway, the Spin Cycles at 6 Corners Shopping District,the Colorribean Mural on Chase Avenue and the Hep Cat Mural on Cicero Avenue. He has also participated as one of the lead artists on the Addison and Avondale Mural and Police Memorial Mural on Montrose.



The Roenigk Family Foundation
PAWS Chicago

Artist, graphic designer, writer and art director, currently head over heels for her American Bulldog, Swann is thrilled to be a part of the CPMF supporting Chicago's K9s and the important work they do.



The Skender Foundation

Courtney Boatwright is the Graphic Design Specialist, for Skender Construction, a General Contractor based in Chicago, IL. She is known for her innovative approach to design and her outlandish and obscure illustration style.
Originally, from San Francisco, Courtney got an early start in the industry at the age of 14 working for a luxury brad wholesale distribution company as their In-House Designer. From there, she set sail for Chicago, where she studied Graphic Design in Advertising. Having never graduated from college, a sore spot for her, she has been able to let her work speak for itself, proving that in a creative industry, a degree is great but your talent is the true testament. 



Corboy & Demetrio

Juan Carlos Frias is a self-taught multi-media artist, and a member of the Northwest Arts Connection. Several of his paintings and artwork are in private collections. For over 20 years, Juan Carlos has worked with a variety of communities to create unique artwork for public enjoyment. In San Antonio, he organized a residential painting crew that assisted in painting three murals for the Alamo Mutual Housing Association in 1995-96. Community residents were proud to create beautiful artwork adorning their neighborhood. Juan Carlos used fiberglass to fashion an octopus ottoman for the Shedd Aquarium, which displayed his 2001 Suite Home Chicago art furniture ensemble. Utilizing upcycled aluminum soda cans, he created tactile “feathers” for an award-winning birdhouse showcased through the 2010 Tweet Home Chicago community art program. More recently, Juan Carlos built a fire engine from a large hydrant in support of the 2013 Great Chicago Fire Hydrants charitable art program.
Public art and community service are in his blood. Juan Carlos instructs Chicago Public School students through the After School Matters art program, and regularly collaborates with fellow artists to support communities, whether through fundraising or murals. In 2009, he fabricated a large rosary from corrugated cardboard for a Day of the Dead exhibit in Door County. The event not only provided food for the local food pantry, organizers invited community members to bring prayers and alms to celebrate loved ones who passed. More recently, Juan Carlos painted murals adjacent to the Forest Glen Metra and Addison and Avondale Blue Line stations and along Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square. In 2016, he donated a painting to the Lydia Home Association to assist the organization in its fundraising efforts.
Juan Carlos is honored to team with neighbors and colleagues to create engaging public art that instills wonder and pride in local communities. 



Majoring in Fine Arts I went on to become Art Director at Northwestern University. I came back to Fine Arts and I'm now artist-in-residence at Chicago's Zhou B Art Center. I am well established in the Chicago art scene with numerous group and solo shows, gallery representation and multiple publications including my resent book cover. I have also designed and painted three public art horse statues for Horses of Honor, owned by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Alderman Ed Burke and Alderman Tom Tunney. My latest large piece, commissioned by Special Olympics, is a commemorative painting to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Special Olympics in 2018.



Graphic Designer living in the West Loop. Lover of volleyball, blueberries and craft beer. 



I am a Chicago based artist with traditional and digital art background. I do enjoy using spray paint and indulging in more of an urban style mixed with fun illustrations. I am current working at Secret Vault boutique gallery in Arlington Heights as an artist and curator.



Chicago Patrolmen's Federal Credit Union

Richard Koranda–Partner at Two Advertising
Richard Koranda drives creative strategies for his A-list clients like American Express, Bank of America, CitiCard, VISA, Chase, and Diner’s Club. With over 65 industry awards under his belt for multi-channel marketing with innovative concepts, Richard continues to knock it out of the park for his clients with spot-on bottom-line revenue results.

Rosemary fanti–Rosemary Fanti Illustration
Rosemary Fanti creates gorgeous portraits and sketches for both individual and business clientele. Rosemary specializes in illustrating fashion, weddings and events, partnering with upscale and notable clients including The Four Seasons Hotel, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Northwestern Memorial Hospital.



A native of Chicago, I've been drawing since I was a little girl. I grew to graduate with a BFA from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb.
I worked in the Chicago River North gallery district and later in advertising before turning to freelance in order to raise a family.
Over the years, making art slowly fell out of my life. The gift of a sketchbook from my college professor at an art alumni reunion was the spark that helped me remember who I am at my artist.
My favorite things to draw have always been figures, human or animal. I am inspired by the shapes and forms they create and enjoy capturing likenesses and textures. I enjoy working in many media, particularly pencil, and ink and wash, steering towards realism.
I prefer to work from life and am very lucky to be part of a wonderful life drawing group in Chicago. Drawing among other creative and talented artists really keeps me on my toes!